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At TMG, we like to think of ourselves as the ‘no-such-thing-as-can’t’ or the ‘wow, where-did-you-find-that?’ Sourcing Team. Behind our name is an enthusiastic can-do attitude that means for the last 30 years we have been designing, sourcing and supplying creative and highly effective merchandise products.

Our vision is to be the most trusted & respected national sourcing company, working to the best ethical & sustainable practices, providing creative products to our corporate clients.

To develop a truly unique product, you need more than a company that just sources promotional items from a catalog: you need a program that creates a lasting impact and making your company stand out demands a resource with the capacity to provide truly innovative solutions. At TMG, we partner with our customers to develop a solution that is tailored to their corporate objectives. By asking the right questions and leveraging our vast resources, our customers get distinctive products that match their exact needs for execution.

Our team is qualified in sourcing management and have years of combined expertise in managing reputational risk. If you are looking for innovation and excellence from a partner of promotional and custom merchandise products – then look no further!

We Source The Extraordinary.

Manufacturer Sourcing

Finding the needle in a stack of…needles.

Sourcing reliable, cost-competitive manufacturers to support your company’s supply chain can be an incredibly important and challenging task.  How do you go about sourcing to reduce your overall costs?  How do you assure consistent quality with the manufacturers you’ve sourced?

Leverage our experience and ability to locate, qualify, and manage manufacturers that are appropriate for your product and company.  TMG’s sourcing methodology takes risk out of the sourcing process by employing cutting-edge best practices. Receive manufacturing quotations and product samples from manufacturers before you make critical factory sourcing decisions. TMG holds a close relationship with every factory that we work with to ensure that your company and product are on track for successful manufacturing.

Prototype Creation

Develop cost-effective prototypes and mock-ups of your product quickly for design, marketing, and development purposes.

We provide your company with access to prototype experts and cutting-edge technologies to build effective representations of your product in this critical phase of the development process.

Total Quality Approach

Quality is not stamped on at the end, but manufactured into every unit from the beginning. Product quality is an issue addressed at every step from the very initial design stage, to sourcing, development, production, to the final stages in packaging and shipping.

TMG brings quality design and manufacturing expertise every step of the way. Our approach helps our clients avoid working with manufacturers that cause brand and margin erosion through poor product quality and violations.

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